How to work


Do not use a microphone with 3.5mm 4 terminals

Before installing VoiceCAP software

How to install VoiceCAP software. It takes 90 minutes

Do not apt-get update and apt-get upgrade after installing VoiceCAP. PCM1808 driver may not work.

How to control IR

NEC and AHEA format only.
To receive IR To send IR

Preset voice command list

voice commandshell
"turn on the tv"onTV.sh
"turn off the tv"offTV.sh
"turn on the aircon"onAIRCON.sh
"turn off the aircon"offAIRCON.sh
"turn on the light"onLED1.sh
"turn off the light"offLED1.sh
"channel up"chUP.sh
"channel down"chDOWN.sh
"channel one"ch1.sh
"channel two"ch2.sh
"channel four"ch4.sh
"channel five"ch5.sh
"channel six"ch6.sh
"channel seven"ch7.sh
"channel eight"ch8.sh
You need to customize each shell to adapt your appliance.

Before start

Voice command list consists of vocabulary and grammar.
Set command vocablary as pronunciation
Set command grammar Build command Edit julius client(remocon.py) Make or edit each shell

To start and stop Julius

To start Julius To stop Julius see also /etc/rc.local
Julius will start automatically in boot.

How to use

To wake up To command Julius client judges the score of recognized confidence, if more than 90%. Rejecting the word if less than 90%.

Additional information

To reduce CPU load To shutdown OS How to see IR To check PCM1808 driver To check recording your voice via microphone To check Julius

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